Profile... (Continued)

Mr. Carter’s duties and responsibilities included consultation regarding strategic and grassroots organization, and he supervised a staff of seven. Following his three-year stint with Greater Houston Campaigns, Mr. Carter worked as an independent consultant. During this period, Mr. Carter engaged in fundraising for political and civic projects. While a student in law school Mr. Carter completed an internship in the Harris County Attorney’s Office, in the delinquent tax collection division. Mr. Carter also clerked at the law firm of Roseman & Wiseman during his law school career. This firm performed collection services for several governmental entities.

Mr. Carter has contributed a great amount of time over the years to various civic, political, and community organizations. Mr. Carter currently serves as First Vice President for the Houston Chapter of the NAACP. Mr. Carter was the Treasurer for the civic association Main Street Coalition that was established in 1998 by Mayor Lee Brown to help promote the redevelopment of Main Street, including the building of the Main Street rail line.